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Collins & Truett has in-depth experience, having worked for decades as a leader in corporate litigation.  With nearly 100 trials under our belt, we are uniquely poised to address complex catastrophic tragedy cases. No case is too complex.  Collins & Truett is a team of attorneys who fear no opponent and who will take cases that many other law firms run from.

Collins & Truett is a hard-working and compassionate team ready to stand with our clients against corporate giants.

Nationally Recognized Leader in Tobacco and Class Action Law

Our Firm

Justice and Compensation for Poor, Oppressed and Powerless

Collins & Truett has decades of experience fighting in the justice system. We have the skills to pursue justice for the poor, oppressed and powerless. We are here to assist those that are forgotten and victimized. Fear not, Collins & Truett will speak truth to power! No matter their threats and extortion, no matter their power and world reputation, no matter the battle, Collins & Truett can take them on!

Our Experience

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Collins & Truett also takes on personal injury actions for any victim to ensure you receive maximum recovery. With our corporate experience, we know the internal operations and risk analysis of insurance companies. We are ready to apply that knowledge to your case.


Class Action Lawsuits:

Collins & Truett has significant class action experience. We are prepared to provide that experience and success to your case. Class actions combine tens to many thousands of victims into one case to permit efficient administration of justice.

Protecting Consumers

Collins & Truett fights to protect consumers from fraud, misrepresentation and injuries from consumer products. We are ready to fight and expose the fraud and abuse.

Legal Fees & Cost

Access to Top Legal Talent

We know that the poor, oppressed and powerless cannot afford to hire top corporate attorneys. We do not require any fees or costs from our clients. We only get paid when we win! With our contingency fee, our clients get top legal talent that can tackle offenders head on

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Helping Clients Nationally

Our Lawyers serves clients all over the nation. From Miami to Washington, D.C., to Chicago and Los Angeles, to anywhere in the United States and beyond, Collins & Truett is ready to serve you.

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